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Ongoing Project

“Vurgun Residence 2”


Client: PMD Projects LLC

Start of Project: 2019

Location: Baku, Sh.Abdullayev st. and Bulbul ave. Baku city, Nasimi district

Build Area: 15.005 sq.m.

Scope of Work: Design Execution, Approval of Planning

Category: Premium Residential complex including commercial area


About PPA architects Baku

We understand ourselves as a an international platform, which not only develops architecture as such, but tries to create living environments which by their distinctiveness maximizes the user’s identification with it.

Accordingly, our architectural office, or agency for environments, consists of about 50 associates from the fields of architecture, structural engineering, electrical engineering, building equipment, building physics, ecology, marketing, graphic design, sociology, renewable energies and construction management.

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Urban & Commercial Design

Baku is the sum of people, places, history and future – our focus remains on creating better places for people.

By combining oriental ornaments with contemporary formal vocabulary the building enters a discussion with its cultural environment.

A very important aspect of our work is urban design. Only this field offers the opportunity to create a sociologically sound environment from the very beginning. The interplay of man and urbanity is to be researched intensively with sociologists, ecologists and architects, before an urban master plan can be developed. This fundamental research is the essential parameter for a city’s harmonic growth.


Interior Spaces & Experiences

We always aim to build exceptional homes
we would like to live in,  to work in, to feel good in.

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